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Holiday Preparations...

Produce Specials for The Week of December 17th:

In Store Specials:       

Organic Blueberries                             Peru                $2.79/each

Organic Avocados                               MX                  $1.69/each

Organic Red Peppers                          Israel              $3.19/pound   

Organic Cauliflower                             CA                  $3.99/head

Organic Zucchini                                 FL                   $1.99/pound

Organic Romaine Lettuce                    AZ                  $2.29/each

Organic Garnet Sweets                       CA                  $1.69/pound

Organic Oriental Sweets                      CA                  $2.09/pound

Organic Yellow Onions                        NV                  $1.29/pound

Organic Red Onions                            NV                  $1.49/pound   

Case or ½ Cases:

Organic Blueberries-12-6 oz.                                       $26.00/case

Organic Avocado-48 ct.                                               $68.00/case

Organic Red Peppers-11 lbs.                                       $29.00/case

Organic Cauliflower-12 ct.                                           $39.00/case   

Organic Zucchini-20 lbs.                                              $33.00/case

Organic Romaine Lettuce-12-3pk.                               $23.00/case

Organic Garnet Sweets-40 lbs.                                    $56.00/case

Organic Oriental Sweets-40 lbs.                                  $70.00/case

Organic Yellow Onions -40 lbs.                                    $43.00/case

Organic Red Onions-40 lbs.                                         $50.00/case

Full case only please (I do not carry these items in the store):

Organic Blackberries-12-6 oz.             MX                   $36.00/case

Organic Raspberries-12-6oz.              MX                   $31.00/case

Organic Mangoes-12 ct.                     ECU                $11.00/case

Case orders must be placed by 1:00pm on Saturday, December 14th, and picked up Tuesday, December 17th, from noon to 5:00pm.

Any questions or to place an order, please call 610-488-5470!

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