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Summer produce!

Produce Specials for The Week of July 28th:

In Store Specials:             

Organic Yellow Peaches                               CA                         $3.69/lb.

Organic Yellow Nectarines                           CA                         $3.69/lb.

Organic Blueberries                                     WA                        $4.19/each

Organic Red Grapes                                     CA                         $3.39/lb.

Organic Bi-color Corn                                   NY                         $1.25/ear

Organic Zucchini                                          PA                         $1.99/lb.

Case or ½ Cases:

Organic Yellow Peaches-18 lb.                                                 $55.00/case

Organic Yellow Nectarines-18 lbs.                                           $55.00/case

Organic Blueberries-12-1pt.                         $42.00/case

Organic Red Grapes-18 lbs.                                                     $51.00/case

Organic Bi-color Corn-48 ct.                                                    $50.00/case

Organic Zucchini-20 lb.                                  $33.00/case

Full case only please (I do not carry these items in the store):

Organic Green Grapes-18 lbs.      CA                                        $51.00/case

Organic Pluots-28 lbs.                    CA                                        $53.00/case

Organic Asparagus-11 lbs.            MX                                       $62.00/case

Org. Super Spinach-8-5 oz.           CA                                        $20.00/case

Case orders must be placed Saturday, July 25th by 1:00pm. and picked up Tuesday, July 28th, from noon to 5:00pm.  Any questions, please call 610-488-5470.

** Note** The produce wholesaler has put case restrictions on everyone again. We will do our best to try and get something for everyone that wants to place an order. We just might need to share cases with everyone that wants to place an order. Unfortunately, I will not know the restrictions until Monday morning.

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